Revelation Fitness

Healthy & Whole in Christ

Revelation Fitness Boot Camp and Low Impact classes are an opportunity to learn how to work hard for a greater purpose, to work together as a group. To encourage one another, and to build up one another, both through love and support and prayer- Revelation Fitness will teach you to seek God for strength...a time to take and receive His loving, helping- hand. This is an experience that will build endurance and perseverance, and time to grow with fellow believers.

You will have fun, while pushing your bodies to the limit. You will be Surprised at what you can achieve through Christ, who gives us strength. Is it hard to imagine a workout that works your body, mind and spirit? A workout that is a challenge physically, and at the same time it transforms you...lifting you beyond the pain of the physical.

Our goal is to help you succeed, both in your personal goals and your walk with Christ. We will integrate Scripture and prayer with a powerful workout that will keep your muscles guessing, ignite your spirit and build you up. This walk is REAL and sustaining, not about how WE see our bodies or feel about ourselves- We strive to help you change your thinking, and to become confident in who you are. God has called us to cherish our bodies and to care for the temple He has given us.

His love NEVER quits!!

"He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." Colossians 1:17 


BOOT CAMP Puts the "work" in a workout, by the creation for the Creator. Debi Raines and Pam Jackson will keep you and your muscles guessing, ignite your Spirit and give new meaning and purpose to being healthy and whole. Cardiovascular interval & circuits, strength training and flexibility exercises make this a must for people who are trying to fit it all in.   DO NOT FEAR BOOT CAMP!  Every unique class offers drills for the new student and advanced options for those who need more.  Class located in the Gym or if weather permits, outside on church campus. 


Join Pam Jackson as she leads the group to find health and strength while breathing in God's Holy Spirit.

This class is ideal for people who are just starting exercise, are mobility challenged or recovering from illness or injury. It's easy on the knees and feet. No jumping, no running, no getting down on the floor. Alternate options such as using a chair, a step or the wall as an aid for balance and to keep you moving. Be prepared to work your heart and all your muscles through cardio, strength training and balance.

Contact Pam with questions and discuss your health/recovery situation:


Experience all Revelation Fitness classes at Washington Cathedral in Redmond WA-  Boot Camp classes Monday & Wednesday 6:00 am and  Monday & Friday at 9:15 am at Washington Cathedral. Revelation Fitness Low Impact classes 10:30 am Monday, Wednesdays & Friday at Washington Cathedral. See the class schedule for more details.